modern calligraphy & playful hand lettering made in california

Hi! I'm Mellani DeJesus, the barely five foot woman behind Poppy. I've always loved making things with my hands. In grade school, I would rush home as soon as the bell rang to carefully craft friendship bracelets and custom name tags to sell to my classmates. While most of my childhood friends spent their summers taking dance lessons or playing sports, I learned the fine art of calligraphy and sewing (things usually little old ladies usually enjoyed, not 10 year olds). In high school, I decided to take art classes instead of learning to swim ('til this day, I can barely float).

Although I knew that I always wanted to create things, I somehow ended up having a 4 x 4 plot of land in a cubicle farm in the corporate world. After being laid off from several years of working in real estate, my inner creative began to resurface. I registered for screen printing and letterpress classes at a local community college and dusted off my calligraphy pens. Since then, my hands have stayed inky. My background also includes marketing, product development, retail, and branding. I love minimalist design with a bit of an edge.

I dream mostly about letters, and occasionally about drinking wine along the River Seine. I love long walks along the beach (not kidding), anything deep fried, and globe trotting with my husband. Poppy is inspired by my crazy beautiful life in the golden state of California and beyond. Thanks for stopping by!